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Like all businesses at the moment, our opening hours are constantly changing in response to the latest COVID-19 regulations, so please contact us beforehand if you plan to visit.

Book Week 2021

Special events at the Library Hub

Book Week Scotland is an annual celebration of books and reading that takes place across the country. Book Week Scotland 2021 will take place 15-21 November and is supported by Creative Scotland and SLIC.

The Library Hub will be holding special events during Book Week, so please stay tuned for updates.


The Library Hub provides a space to read and borrow books and teaching material for children and adults in different languages and aims to encourage language learning, offer support for bilingual families and contribute to the successful implementation of the Scottish Government’s language teaching strategy, 1+2 by making MFL material more accessible.

We host literary events as well as community gatherings to fight isolation and help people come together. It will be open for schools and families for a small membership fee that goes towards our running costs.

Membership benefits

Whether you are a member of a bilingual family or a learner of a second or third language, books, films and music are an essential part of your language development. The Library Hub supports learners by making books and learning materials accessible for a small membership fee. This allows the reading material to be rotated and for learners to have access to a wider number of titles for a fraction of the price compared to the outright purchase cost.

Membership also provides access to our literary and community events which offer a wonderful opportunity for the learning community to come together, exchange experiences and make new connections and friends.
Annual Membership
Annual Membership
Annual Membership


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